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1. Sacred Self-Deceit
2. Limitless Fog of Anguish
3. Losing Humanity
4. Thousand Years of Terror
5. A New Age
6. ...And the Circle Closed

1. Sacred Self-Deceit

Welcome to the kingdom
Of a sacred self-deceit
Where people give up freedom
For ostentatious majesty
For their masters' use
They hide in a fictive world
Afraid to see the truth
And the atrocities it holds

You who turn our life into a living hell
Selfish and obsessed with wealth
Your minds are too weak to get
One day your black feast will end

Your illusionary justice
Is a triumph of hypocrisy
The law protects the bashers
In the service of autocracy
Those who dare to disagree
Are thrown to rot in prison
Forget the liberty
And fall deep into fascism

If every time you see an outrage
Neglecting is all you do
No one will come to your aid
When it happens to you

* Russia is among the 50 countries with the worst corruption perception index. Almost all of the country's top leaders are corrupt and are not afraid to expose their super-rich state. At the same time, 15% of the population of Russia is below the poverty line.
* In Russia, opposition activists are persecuted, people are regularly imprisoned for publishing opposition and anti-religious materials. In the rating of press freedom, Russia is also among one of the last 50 places.
* In 2015, the approval rating of the current president Putin, who rules the country for over the last 18 years, almost reached 90%.

2. Limitless Fog of Anguish

With every daybreak horror is what he meets
When eyes are opened the real nightmare begins
His frail skin is torn away by slightest graze
Infernal pain impales his body with every pace

Sentenced before birth to early death in a sea of pain
Doomed to suffer forever chained in fetters of decay

Lingering agony, dreadful world, somber and steeped in despair
Fate that was chosen by your god, a mission that he prepared
Innocent child lost in a sullen kingdom of woe
A land where the dim light of goodness is fading into the fog

Result of fear and ignorance imposed from the above
Hypocrites don't care about the consequence of their lie
Who needs his pain, what does he suffer for?
Begetting him they gave him dreams just to watch them rot

As mob of feeble-minded hides from the truth in self-deceit
In the kingdom of delusion if you're distressed then you do not exist

As years went by his hope was dying out
Bitter hate has turned to ember his martyr heart
With the hope he lost the reason to endure
What they must've done he finally will do
He'll close the gate between this hell and earth
Without fear into the darkness he'll go

Limitless fog of anguish and grief

* Up to 10 oncology patients in Russia per month commit suicide due to the lack of painkillers. Euthanasia is legislatively forbidden in Russia.
* In Russia children are left without parental care 4 times more often than in Europe and the USA. In 2013 Russia prohibited the USA citizens to adopt Russian children.
* Russian Orthodox Church promotes the prohibition of abortion, and the government makes attempts to prohibit abortion on a federal level.

3. Losing Humanity

Look at what you are,
An unfeeling rabid beast
What's left inside your heart?
Is there some place for empathy?
Why don't you free your mind
Of this needless thirst for blood?
When will you realize
That people are all alike?

Damned be the rulers
That make up this heinous lie
Inducing our people
To kill and to die
Forget the false borders
And all those pretentious names
Get rid of this drivel
Stop playing their games

Flame of war burns brighter
With each life it takes
Widening its boundaries
Of devoured space
Spreading like a viral
Terminal desease
Grinding into powder
All that it can seize

They've planted an idea
That they know more than you
Enforced their fake ideals
Telling you what to do
They want you to forget
The notions of good and evil
Justifying the death
Of an innocent human being

* During the Second World War, about 10 million soldiers and 18 million civilians were killed in the USSR (altogether 14% of the country's population).
* In 2014, Russia invaded the neighboring state of Ukraine and forcibly seized part of its territory. There is still a military conflict supported by Russia on Ukrainian territory.
* Russia is actively promoting militarism and incite citizens against other countries.

4. Thousand Years of Terror

It's time to tell the truth explaining all
The greatest tragedy we've ever known
That marked the end of our history
And the beginning of the era of misery

One man who thought he was a deity
Invoked a dark and alien entity
That spread so swiftly as a firestorm
Destroying every form of art and free thought

Raping our culture,
Killing our people
Setting a new order
Of total submission

Fall, kneel, bow, obey!
Concede, conform, disown, DIE!!!

We will burn all that's dear to you,
We'll enslave your native land
Leaving you to dwell in grief
Through the thousand years of terror

From this day forth our life turned into hell
Our nation was cursed, when the righteous warriors fell
As torture went on we were forced to humility
Soon our hope was gone, lost in the sombre infinity

They have burnt all that's dear to us
They've enslaved our native land
We were doomed to dwell in grief
Through the thousand years of terror

They took our life!

* In 988 knyaz Vladimir I chose Orthodox Christianity as a state religion of Rus. The christening was forcible, with killing of those who refused.
* Our pre-christian culture was prohibited and severely destroyed. The only remaining source of information about it is the christian chronicles.
* Up to the 17th century there was almost no culture or science in Russia except for the church. The first university was founded in 1724.

5. A New Age

Once again the dark has gripped this ill-fated land
Famine, war, diseases, unnecessary pain
Something has to be done to find a way
Out of this destiny's sinister maze

Tension is growing, patience is running out
People are ready waiting for a command to start
Seems that the story will soon come to an end
Culprits can not escape the punishment

Years of despair have blackened their hearts,
Now they feel no remorse
Only one thing is left in their minds
A desire to kill their lords

Change of epochs brings hope, but was this one true?
Their past insanity is now replaced by a new
Once they get the power, oppressed start to oppress
Dissidents will become food for the human thirst for death

A new age of slavery has begun
Starting the script once again
No escape from this endless circle
Of human pain


* In 1917 owing to inadequate actions of emperor Nicholas II, the Civil War broke out, obliterating the lives of more than 10 million people.
* The Bolsheviks who came to power carried out mass repressions, known as the Red Terror, during which in 1917-1921 2 million people were killed.
* During the 1930s and 1940s, massive Stalinist repressions were carried out, as a result of which more than 1.5 million people were shot and 3.5 million were sent to labor camps. More than 6 million people also died of starvation in the 1930s.

6. ...And the Circle Closed